NIHONBASHI SAKURA FESTIVAL 2019/3/15FRI-4.7SUN - Connecting Nihonbashi, Yaesu and Kyobashi


Connecting Nihonbashi, Yaesu and Kyobashi With many famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Nihonbashi, such as Edo Sakura-dori Street and Nihonbashi Sakura-dori Street, discover the tradition of enjoying Japanese cuisine while admiring the sakura. Become acquainted with Nihonbashi's unique take on cherry blossom viewing, mixing historical tradition with modern components.


  • Digital art with a cherry blossom motif “The Tree of Light”
    -Light-Up Cherry Blossoms-


    3/15 (Fri) - 4/7 (Sun)
    ※Light-up between 12:00pm - 10:00pm


    Fukutoku Garden

    Come and marvel as a cherry blossom tree version of the digital art piece 'The Tree of Tenere', made famous through the reknowned Burning Man festival, makes its debut in Japan - right here in Fukutoku Garden! Meticulously assembled leaf-by-leaf, with over 100,000 LED lights and towering at 8 meters tall, the tree reacts with the environment to create a stunning and interactive display bound to enchant and enthrall.

  • A floor of interactive sakura“Sakura Carpet”


    3/15 (Fri) - 4/7 (Sun)
    ※Interactive display between 5:00pm - 8:00pm


    Naka-dori Street

    An inaugural sakura-themed installation lining Naka-dori Street and the road to Fukutoku Shrine. Created by 'nihonbashi β', this is a collaborative project by a collective of young and innovative artists. Sakura Carpet is 16 meters long, with sensors that perceive and react to the movement of passersby, creating a fantastical display of light and sound so observers can feel as if they're in full bloom along with the cherry blossom.

  • Painting Nihonbashi cherry - blossom pink!“Sakura Light-Up”


    3/15 (Fri) - 4/7 (Sun)
    ※Times will differ depending on the location.


    Edo Sakura-dori Street, OVOL Nihonbashi Building, COREDO Muromachi 1/2/3, GRANROOF (Tokyo Yaesu Exit), Tokyo Tatemono Nihonbashi Building, Nihombashi Takashimaya S.C. Nihonbashi Galleria, Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower, Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store, Mitsui Main Building, YUITO, and more

    The buildings along Chuo-dori Street, including Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower, Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store, and the Mitsui Main Building (designated an Important Cultural Property), will be illuminated. The whole of Nihonbashi will be blanketed in a magical pink, with a seasonal sakura motif. Take an evening stroll along the beautifully lit up streets and enjoy the coming of spring.

  • Delectable spring specialties!“Nihonbashi Sakura Menu Walk”


    3/15 (Fri) - 4/7 (Sun)
    ※Times will differ depending on the shop.


    Shops in the Nihonbashi, Kyobashi, and Yaesu area

    For a limited time only, around 190 participating shops in the area will have sakura-themed sweets and items! Take this chance to explore Nihonbashi, Kyobashi and Yaesu and visit various stores to see their photogenic spring menu items and goods, finding a new way to experience cherry-blossom viewing.

  • Delight in Nihonbashi's gourmet cuisine“Nihonbashi Sakura Food Stalls”


    3/30 (Sat) - 3/31 (Sun)


    Area around Fukutoku Shrine (Naka-dori Street, Ukiyo Street)

    With a focus on shops participating in the Miyoshikai, part of the Nihonbashi Restaurant Association aimed at younger restaurantaurs, historical and famous restaurants will be offering a taste of Nihonbashi through yatai food stalls for two days only! As well as stores located within COREDO Muromachi, the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store and the Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo will also provide limited-time dishes. Savour special menu items created with skills developed and passed down through the years.

Held at the same time EVENT

  • Sakura Gallery

    3/15 (Fri) - 4/7 (Sun)


    Nihonbashi area

    Explore the area to find sakura-themed art decorating the town! Various stores have window displays and walls used as canvases, each depicting a different cherry blossom design.

  • Sakura Music Night

    4/5 (Fri) From 7:00pm


    A secret location (invitees only)

    Shuta Hasunuma and Kaho Nakamura use both light and music to create a spectacular show. At the restaurants below, you can enjoy a public viewing of their performance with dinner and drinks.

    Beer Garden Brugse Zot
    (COREDO Muromachi 2, 2F)

    (COREDO Muromachi 2, 2F)

    (Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower 2F)

    ※You will be taken to the event page on Peatix.

  • Sakura Photo Session

    4/5 (Fri)


    Naka-dori Street: 1:45pm - 3:30pm
    Fukutoku Garden: 4:00pm - 6:00pm
    Naka-dori Street: 6:30pm - 8:00pm

    Take a piece of Nihonbashi home with you with a commemorative photo! Professional photographer Junya Igarashi is lending his skills to create the perfect spring souvenir to remember your trip by. You can add up to 6 letters to your picture, and download it to take home with you,


  • [Railway]

    Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line
    "Mitsukoshi mae" station
    R Sobu Line "Shin-Nihombashi" Station
  • [Buses]

    the free circulating bus Metrolink Nihonbashi "Nihonbashi Muromachi 1chome" or "Mitsui Memorial Museum"
    the free circulating bus Metrolink Nihonbashi E-line "Nihonbashi Muromachi 1chome"


Connecting Nihonbashi,
Yaesu and Kyobashi
  • TIME

    Friday, March 15 to Sunday, April 7, 2019


    Nihonbashi Information Center 03-3242-2334(10:00am-7:00pm)


    Nihonbashi, Yaesu, and Kyobashi areas


    Nihonbashi SAKURA Festival Executive Committee


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